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The Children of Leningradsky

The Children of Leningradsky

It is the dead of winter in Moscow, and more than 30,000 children are living on the streets. Theirs is a marginal existence. They sleep in railway stations, stairways and sewers. They spend their days begging, playing, sniffing glue, drinking vodka, and missing their mothers. Many will never see past their 15th birthdays.

After spending time with these children, Hanna Pollack directed a documentary film about their lives, which was just nominated for an Oscar. Hannah takes us inside the train stations and the dark warm corners where the children live. She delivers a picture of their lives that is both brutal and deadly.

Link: The Children of Leningradsky

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September 10, 2005

Leningradsky station

Leningradsky is a busy train station in Moscow, and the people who pass through it every day have to notice the children who live there. Some give them a little spare change. Some ask them to come home with them and have sex. Some, the good people, offer to help. But, as one boy says, "

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September 16, 2005

Don't End Their Hope of a Home

When Russian President Vladimir Putin visits the White House today, he and President Bush are expected to discuss such global issues as the environment, trade agreements, nuclear weapons and terrorism. But I hope that at some point they get around to talking about Alexei, Katya, Roma, Misha and Victoria. They, along with more than a dozen of their friends, are the subjects of "The Children of Leningradsky," a wrenching documentary that will be televised on the Cinemax cable channel Sept. 28.

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